Protection Software

Protection Software – Downloads

AVG (Windows OS)
This free anti-virus software will protect any Windows-based computer from viruses.

Ad-Aware (Windows OS)
“Ad-ware” programs that run in the background of your computer, often without your knowledge. “Ad-ware programs often collect information about your computer use habits or solicit unwanted advertisements through your Internet browser. This program detects and removes harmful “Ad-ware” programs from your computer.

Using a Macintosh?

If your computer is a Macintosh, you will notice we do not have any virus or “Ad-ware” removal programs available for you to download. Fortunately, there are no known viruses or “Ad-ware” programs designed to damage Macintosh computers. We still suggest you use caution if you choose to share files on your computer through a program like Limewire, as you may still put your personal information at risk by allowing other people to share your computer’s files.

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