GreenSpeed™ Intelligence

The Worlds Most Efficient Air Source Heat Pump

Carrier is rolling out a domestic split system heat pump with inverter technology as we speak. The system will produce nearly liner heating in a heat pump unlike all other traditional ducted heat pump systems. The result will be dramatically lower utility bills for heating your home.

Typical heat pumps loose capacity in proportion to the outdoor temperature. The colder it is outside the lower the BTUH output of the heat pump. This drop in capacity can be graphed easily displaying a curved performance. Typical to good design practice here in the Yakima area we aim to have this curve match the heating needs of you home down to the 30-35 degree window. Below this window we get some help from a back-up source. If we do that we can reduce electric heating bills by 50% or more. The new Carrier Infinity™ unit changes that!

Why Inverter Technology?

Inverter technology produces heating capacity at a near liner output down to about 5 degrees. Thus the heat pump would carry the load not just to the 30-35 degree window, but down to approximately 5 degrees! In some cases the heat pump would then be capable of carrying the entire heating load with little or no auxiliary or back-up heat required. Carrier has taken the Inverter technology and developed controls and hardware into numerous patented produces they call Greenspeed™ Intelligence.

It’s About HSPF

HSPF stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. This is different that SEER, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, a measurement of COOLING efficiency ONLY. HSPF is calculated by taking the total BTU used during the heating season and dividing this by the total power consumed to produce that heat. Very typically the very best HSPF numbers have been within fractions of 10.0. Good units are considered 8.50 and above. Minimum code in our area is 7.5.

If you want to save money with your heat pump DO NOT use the SEER number to determine how well the heat pump will perform. Like the measure of miles per gallon in your car, the larger the HSPF number the better. If your heat pump had a 10.0 HSPF, you were in the elite few. Carrier’s new Infinity™ heat pump completely changes that. The new benchmark is 30% higher at 13.0. There is not another air source split heat pump in the world that can achieve this efficiency. Not even close!

29% to 69% More Efficient than ANY ONE!

What this means to you is if you had one of these here to for most efficient heat pumps with an HSPF of 10, for every $100 you spent heating house with that heat pump, this new Carrier Infinity™ product would have provided the same amount of heat for $70. In comparison to many other lesser models on the market it could have done it for $31.

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